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Design (1960)

     In 1960, a Kansas City real estate developer named Frank Caroll (his real name was Frank Caracciolo) bought a 8.21 acre lot at the corner of Fulcher Road* and Paradise Road in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was here he planned to build The Landmark Tower casino and hotel.


     With a $3,000,000 loan from the Appliance Buyers Credit Corporation, Gerald Moffitt from Edward Hendricks Associates was hired as the project's architect and L. P. Scherer's Fremont Construction Company was awarded a $1.5 million contract to build it. Construction of the tower was supervised by Frank's own Caroll Construction Company. The original plan was to build a 14 story tower, the tallest in the state. This was increased to 20 stories, however, when The Mint hotel downtown decided to add more floors onto it's tower to claim the height record. In the end, the title would eventually go to Landmark as the final floor count was increased to 31.

*Fulcher Road was re-named Convention Center Drive in 1961.

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