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Club 27 | House of Prime Rib / Sunset Room | The Towers

     Club 27 was a cocktail bar which had a relaxed atmosphere. Unlike the cocktail bar on the 31st floor, Club 27 did not have the dance floor or loud music. It was designed for meetups and social gatherings without all of the noise or hustle of the night clubs. In later years, it would be converted into a restaurant.

     The House of Prime Rib was located next door and offered an exquisite dining room featuring prime rib dinners.  It was replaced by the Sunset Room by the late 70's.

     The Towers Restaurant served seafood and steak in an elegant atmosphere. It was replaced by the Mandarin Room in 1972 when that restaurant was moved from the 29th floor.

House of Prime Rib Menu:

Sunset Room Menu:

The Towers Menu:

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