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Cascade Waterfalls

     Landmark's pool was the largest in Las Vegas at the time of it's construction.  Styled after a lagoon, it sported a center island with bridges spanning across to allow patrons to access it without having to go through the water.  A lava rock wall was located at the west end of the pool with a waterfall flowing down into a smaller pool below.  At night, multi-colored lights would "dance" across the falls.


     The pool won several awards for its design over the years.  Visitors enjoyed laying out on the center island or behind the waterfall.  In the early days, plastic bags with the Landmark logo were given out so guests could put their bathing suits away without tracking water through the hotel.

     Never again has a pool this elegant or tasteful been built in Las Vegas.  While other resorts these days offer pools with amenities like a mid-pool bar, Landmark offered a classy atmosphere where one could relax and enjoy a swim in a cool tropical setting.

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