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Marc Wagner

Director - Landmark Hotel & Casino Memorial

Marc is a Las Vegas native who grew up with an affinity for the Landmark, eating there about once a week. When he stumbled upon a Landmark brochure on ebay in 2005, he decided to begin collecting Landmark memorabilia. He started a blog where he chronicled his quest for historical information on the Landmark. He has collected dozens of Landmark artifacts and conducted detailed research in news archives, legal records, and interviews with former Landmark employees to preserve the hotel's memory. Today, he serves as Executive Director and founder of the Memorial.

Alex Begin

Technical Consultant - Landmark Hotel & Casino Memorial / Co-Creator & Host - Extraordinary Faith

Alex was a long-time patron of the Landmark throughout its lifespan. He is an architectural and elevator enthusiast who owns apartment and commercial buildings and recalls the Landmark's elevators to be the finest-designed units he's ever seen. He has been working on establishing floor layouts of the Landmark based on memory and photographic evidence. He is also the co-creator and host of Extraordinary Faith: a monthly 30 minute television program on EWTN that celebrates the beauty of classical Catholic sacred art, architecture, music, and liturgy. 

Joel Rosales

Vintage Vegas Expert / Photographer / Owner - Lost & Found Vegas

To say Joel's help over the years has been invaluable would be an understatement. This Las Vegas native has been on a crusade to preserve the memory of "Old Vegas" for over a decade. He has unearthed countless rare photographs of the Landmark property from the most unlikely of places - the most unorthodox of which was a photo of the tower under construction which he found in a box of photos at a yard sale. 

Gary Baldwin

Former General Manager - Landmark Hotel & Casino (1978-1981)

As a Gaming Control Board investigator, Gary assisted with the Wolfram's purchase of the hotel from Summa Corp. in 1978. He went on to become Casino Manager for them after the sale and was shortly after made General Manager. Gary has been working with us to create floor layouts and provide other technical information.

Faye Todd

Former Entertainment Director - Landmark Hotel & Casino (1978-1984)

Faye not only served as Entertainment Director but she was also the Wolfram's personal liaison to the hotel management. A close personal friend of Zula Wolfram, Faye was privy to much of what was going on at the hotel. She has shared photos and personal stories of her time at the Landmark and insight into the life and dealings of the Wolframs.

We would also like to thank former Landmark employees, staff, builders, performers, and their families for their help in compiling this memorial and the information within it including:​

Susan Macafee

EJ Fei

Velvin C. Cooper

Donna Mullhollan

Rita Pardue

And the following organizations and individuals for their contributions:

Las Vegas News Bureau

Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority

University of Nevada, Las Vegas - Special Collections

Markus Rothkranz

Don Fields

Scott White

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